The Wheelhouse 712 Project was started in 2015 by a group of volunteers that wanted to help The Wheelhouse to continue it’s altruistic work. The Wheelhouse is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Deer Park, Texas. It is a bare-bones living environment that offers help to men with drug or alcohol addictions. It’s known as the “last house on the block” because it is often a man’s last chance before he becomes homeless or worse.

The Wheelhouse does not charge a single penny for a man’s normal 30 day stay. Paid treatment centers cost more than $30,000 dollars. The men that come to The Wheelhouse don’t have that kind of money or insurance and, to be honest, we believe we have a better recovery rate.

This small group did the math, literally, and determined that the average cost to shelter, feed, clothe and put on a path of recovery at The Wheelhouse is $7.12 for one man each day.

The idea came to life that if a person could sponsor just one man for one day every month it would make a difference. So, we have set up a program to do just that.

Here are some numbers to consider:
$7.12 = 1 man for 1 day
$49.84 = 1 man for 1 week
$85.44 = 1 man for 1 day per month for a year
$213.60 = 1 man for a month
$313.28 = The whole house (44 men) for a day

Below you will find a link to The Wheelhouse’s donation page on PayPal. Please type in an amount you wish to contribute and check whether or not you would like to make this a monthly recurring payment.